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Ilex Medical prides itself on partnering with innovative OEMs who provide our customers with high quality products and enhanced patient care. Our commitment is to be an extension of our partners, providing impeccable sales and service support to medical institutions throughout Florida.


Geister is a leading German manufacturer for specialized surgical products carrying a full range of advanced surgical instruments and devices.  Geister offers products and services of the highest quality to surgeons and patients worldwide.

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As a global leader in the endoscope and surgical instrument repair industry, MSI helps healthcare providers control maintenance costs. Rather than refurbish an entire endoscope and/or surgical instrument, MSI utilizes new individual components, saving medical facilities both time and money. MSI offers the most extensive endoscope and surgical instrument repair capabilities in the industry – far more than any single manufacturer. A free loaner program, fast turnaround times and a computerized tracking system make it easy to use MSI’s cost-saving services.

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Vitalitec International, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of the SLS-Clip™ and the 9™ Manual Ligation Systems, Intrack® Atraumatic Temporary Clamps and Inserts and Cygent® Flexible Clamps. The Greyhound™, Novaclip™ and Sofia™ bulldogs are well known for a great price as well as strong yet atraumatic holding. Vitalitec is innovative, high quality products with excellent service.

Vitalitec Cygnet Brochure Vitalitec Cygnet Brochure (681 KB)